Free Death & Dying Buddhist Books

One of our members attended a retreat led by Ven. Sangye Khadro from Sravasti Abbey on Peaceful Living, Peaceful Dying which he found very useful. The booklet Preparing for Death and Helping the Dying by Sangye Khadro is available to download for free on the Sravasti Abbey site.

In 54 pages, Ven. Khadro covers:

  • Buddhist Perspectives on Death
  • How to Prepare for Death
  • Helping Others Who Are Dying (including non-Buddhists)
  • Appendix with Meditations (including Tong-len and forgiveness)
  • Inspiring Quotes
  • Recommended Reading

Another free e-book, Living is Dying – How to Prepare for Dying, Death and Beyond by Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche is available for download in several languages on Siddhartha’s Intent, his organization’s website:

It begins with a chapter entitled “Will I die?” and includes the following chapters plus a section of prayers and practices at the end of the book for a total of 242 pages.

  • Will I Die?
  • Preparation for Death and Beyond
  • Simple Practices to Prepare for Death
  • How Buddhists Prepare for Death
  • Aspiration Practice
  • The Painful Bardo of Dying
  • Questions About Death
  • How to Be with the Dying
  • What to Say to a Dying Person
  • The Bardo Instructions (including dissolution)
  • Questions About Caring for the Dying and the Dead
  • What to Do After Death
  • Questions About Practices for the Dead
  • Questions About Other Aspects of Death


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