Preparing Digital Accounts before Death: New York Times Article

This New York Times article provides step by step instructions for how to best set up a list of important information related to your digital accounts. After your death, this information will be needed by family members and trusted friends so you need to share it in a simple and secure way.  The article gives you proactive tips that will help your loved ones to access and manage your financial, telephone and internet-base passwords and information after your death.

Note that you can access a certain number of free New York Times’ articles each month even if you are not a subscriber.
(Get Your Digital Accounts Ready In Case of Death Published Oct. 3, 2019 Updated Oct. 7, 2019. By Melanie Pinola.  New York Times.  Ms. Pinola is a staff writer at Wirecutter, a product recommendation site owned by The New York Times Company).

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