Who are Your Teachers of Interest?

By Frances Moriarty

At our last meeting we were asked if we could mention two Buddhist teachers who are writing about aging that we wanted to learn more about. So maybe other people will share their teachers.  For the past few months I have had two Buddhist teacher’s names written on a piece of paper beside my computer to prompt me to learn more about them. 

The first one is Lewis Richmond and I have started reading his book, “Aging as a Spiritual Practice”.  It is a wonderful guide for finding the best things that come with the experience of physical decline that aging brings.

Frank Ostaseski’s recent “Five Invitations” looks at aging towards death as a good time for understanding our experience throughout our life.  I have not gotten this book yet but one of the five invitations is to turn towards your suffering.  This idea is intriguing enough that I plan to read the book at some point.  Here is a video of Mr. Ostaseski talking about his book.

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