The Buddhist Eldercare blog resulted from monthly meetings of the Drepung Loseling Monastery (DLM) Member Eldercare Discussion group. Although we meet at the DLM center in Atlanta, GA, we are not sponsored by Drepung Loseling Monastery, Inc. Center for Tibetan Buddhist Studies.

Our discussion group realized that it would be beneficial to have some of the information we share at our monthly meetings put into a format for easy sharing and searching by members. We also believe this information may be helpful to others who are looking for support with aging, elder caring, dying and grieving, especially from a Buddhist perspective. Members of our group are not all members of Drepung Loseling or necessarily Buddhist. We believe much of what we share will be useful to people of all faiths and backgrounds as the issues we discuss do not discriminate. We look forward to your comments and input.

Guest Bloggers

We welcome guest bloggers. If you would like to submit a blog entry on the topics addressed in this blog, please submit the topic, approximate length, and a brief description using the email below. Thank you!

You may contact us at buddhisteldercare@gmail.com